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Location 2004 The Contemporary, Atlanta, GA, 2004 California State University Fresno Museum, CA, 2004 Limn Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Description Hydrocarbons are glass sculptures modeled on Fullerenes. The glass forms rest on Styrofoam landscapes derived from photos of the 2003 Mars expedition. The glass forms were designed in Rhino3D and manufactured by a scientific glass blowing facility. The Styrofoam 3D bases were designed in Rhino3D and fabricated using a 3 axis CNC router.

Fullerenes are a type of carbon molecule first discovered in the mid-1980s. Having survived in space for billions of years, they provide a further step towards understanding the origin of life. Many scientists now believe that the carbon 60 molecule, the most common Fullerene, is one of the original building blocks of life. It is a closed spherical molecule the shape of a soccer ball.

Materials glass, antifreeze, Styrofoam, glass, neon transformer, neon gas

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Location 2004 The Contemporary, Atlanta, GA

Description Spaceship Earth is an enclosed vessel of water within a ten-foot diameter modified satellite dish. It is a reference to the “WMAP” NASA satellite probe that instigated the recent theory of a finite universe. The video of “Cosmic Microwave Background” is projected on the back wall. It is one room of a solo exhibition called “Fast Food, Hydrocarbons, and Waves in Outer Space”.

Material water, fiberglass, wood, steel, vinyl, automotive paint, DVD player, DVD of “Cosmic Microwave Background”

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Location: 2004 The Contemporary, Atlanta GA,  2004 Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science, Tallahassee FL

Descriptions: These  2” X 30” Styrofoam hexagon panels can be arranged and connected to create a variety of patterns. Sixteen of them were part of the NASA Nourishment installation. A routed groove runs through the foam  so that the neon rests flush, and the panels can be stacked. The panels were designed using Rhino3D and fabricated using a 3 axis CNC router.

Materials: Styrofoam, neon light, transformer

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