Location: 1994 Crossing Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Description: The two story gallery was converted into a fully functioning factory to produce sculpting material for children. The factory functioned as an ongoing narrative with laborers, animals and audience. Three immigrant workers were hired an hour before the opening of the factory.  They were given Pollo-Doh uniforms and instructed on how to operate the factory. One worker and the artist operated the bottom floor, and two workers operated the upper floor. The bottom floor housed 25 live chickens in six vibrantly dyed colors. The chickens roamed freely often congregating at a bin of chicken feed. Frozen chickens were placed in a specially designed chicken cannon, and shot against the second floor lexan wall, over-killing them in preparation for the upstairs processing laboratory.  Once upstairs, the smashed chickens were separated by color and put into individual buckets on a rotating wheel. The wheel transported the chickens to a convertor which pureed them into colored sculpting material called Pollo-Doh. The Pollo-Doh was stored in stainless steel tanks for distribution by color, then squirted into cans, sealed and placed on a chute leading to the chicken feed bin on the bottom floor. A worker stacked the cans in the window for display.

Materials: 25 colored chickens, chicken food, Pollo-Doh air compressor, air cannon, Pollo-Doh dispensers, outboard motor, Plexiglas, stainless steel, frozen chickens, jumpsuits, 3 immigrant laborers, canning device, cans.

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