Location: City of Brea Municipal Gallery, Brea, CA   1994

Description: 20 fictitious classified ads were placed in the Los Angeles Recycler each week for three months. The ads were designed so that the gallery audience would project an identity onto the person who placed the ads, and onto those who might respond to them.

“Trade vacation on my yacht for yard work.”

“1974 Harley Davidson garaged past six years. Moving must sell. $2500”

Five pagers were each assigned four ads.  As calls came in from the various ads, the assigned pager would sound off  after going through an effects processor creating a unique sound. The pagers would repete if unanswered which created complex and syncopated rhythms. The rhythm of the sound varied due to the frequency of calls. The piece ran continuously for three months.

Materials: Los Angeles Recycler publication, pagers, sound effects processor.

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