Location: 1993 Frumkin Gallery, Bergamont Station, Santa Monica, CA

Description: Audio Sources: The installation consisted of seven amplified wall mounted sound pieces, and one silent piece. Appropriated real time ambient sounds from seven separate locations within Santa Monica were heard. The silent piece was the absence of the ambient sounds from the John Cage exhibition at MOCA. (This was a statement after being declined the request to transmit the real-time sounds from the exhibition.) Operation:  A microphone was attached to an installed phone line in each of the seven locations. Seven phone lines were installed in the gallery with an amplified phone for each line. A call was made from the outside locations to the gallery establishing a twenty four hours a day one way connection between the audio sources and the gallery for the entire thirty day exhibition.

Materials: School yard, dance studio, music center, yoga studio, pet store, Third Street promenade, my home, 15 telephone lines, 7 microphones, 7 telephones, 7 amplifiers, 8 speakers, wood, fiberglass, film positives.

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